Friday, November 21, 2014

Been a great month...

Hey everyone.
Yeah it's been a month since my last entry....
Sorry 'bout that...
Been up to all kinds of things, and, having fun.
Yes it's been a good 30 days for me.
Lately things are a bit exhausting and draining, and some negative outlook is definitely there. Not sure where it's coming from. HOWEVER, I have the past month of goodness to fuel me thru this time.

So I'm going to kind of echo a post on my main site here, talking about my new vape mod.

So as u may know, I'm an avid vaper these days and am almost combustion-free. Here's a pic of some of my devices:
My Vape Colleciton

With these I can (left to right) vape cannabis oil, cannabis flowers, and nicotine extract liquid.
The attachment on the left and right devices are interchangeable.
You can see in the next pic the VAMO Mod with a MacTank on top:
    The 26650 VAMO Mod / E-Huge with a MacTank by Macigs atty.
So let me show you more of this 26650 VAMO MOD / E-HUGE that I got recently.
I was looking for a vape that would last all day and night into the next morning, with continous vaping (within human reason)... began looking at 26650 Mods (26650 refers to the size of li-ion battery it takes.) and this one seemed to fit the bill.
You can read my in-depth review by clicking here.

What a great unit.
So, more later. Stay tuned !

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

YouTube name change and....

Hi folks.
So I recently changed my YouTube account back to Ajita Krishna Das ,my spiritual name given to me by my spiritual Master, the all merciful Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj .. (click here for more info.)
The name on the blog may change as well.
My followers to this blog are mainly devotees and the YouTube site, which is of course connected to this blog and all my Google pages, also, is full of devotional stuff.
So the blog may change a bit, we'll see. At least the name will.

My nights have been recently spent by working on my 2 main websites.
My personal site, and a site for the Devotees.
This site I haven't developed more with in a little bit, finding my Wordpress blog to be much more advanced in opitons and choices such as plugins and widgets.

I must say this is a GREAT service for a free online blog. VERY nice. The was okay, but really didn't show it's true capabilities until I moved it all to my private file server and became involved with Wonderful functionality.

I just got all the plates (images) from Srimad Bhagavatam from my friend at , and also Krishna Book, Bhagavad Gita, and Chaitanya Caritamrta. Wonderful pics which I've always wanted to be able to share.

So I made some slideshows out of them, you can see them by clicking here... 
Hope you enjoy them. Check them out.

There's my entry for today, hoping all of you are well and my sincere affection to all the Devotees here.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Seedfinder Folks..

Well !
Looks like more of  you are coming from, so, I'm again going to tailor my post for those folks, they keep on visiting the page and I should say something for all of them/you.

First of all, let me say how MUCH STUFF I gotta do, omg, I've got a huge list of stuff to do, 5 feet long...! So, yesterdday was spent doing pretty much nothing except a bit of chat... enjoyed the day.

However, all it did was give me more anxiety about what I didn't get done !!!! Yeah, funny how that works eh..

So anyhoo.....

Hello seedfinder enthusiasts !

Everything green here is doing quite well.
I assume you already read my review on . If not, click here to see it.

So, I highly recommend that strain. Not much else I can say, does great both inside and out.

As far as the site goes, I've changed a few things. Allowed comments outside of Google+ users (feel free to try it out!) and have some more ideas for the site. Still busy with my 2 other sites, and . Lots of work going on in the background, you won't see it until it's released.

As always, open to suggestions and advice. What do YOU want to see on this site ? Leave me your message below.

Off to start a whole new day ! Weather has been great. Today I gotta somehow stay off the pc and get some work done ! Wish me luck !

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Earthquake !

A shallow magnitude 3.9 earthquake was reported Saturday morning nine miles southwest of Willits in Northern California's Mendocino County, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor occurred at 8:45 a.m. Pacific time at a depth of 1.9 miles.
According to the USGS, the epicenter was 19 miles northwest of Ukiah and 118 miles northwest of Sacramento.

Monday, September 29, 2014

More from September. Wedding etc.

So !
Here's basically the last post continued, the formatting got weird and I had to end it there.
So, as I said, in the last post, after the Prasadam Distribution, I went to Ben Lomond for my friends' wonderful wedding.
Here's some pics.

Sriman Bilwa Mangal Prabhu (left) and I after the wedding.

 Saw tons of friends, and was a Groomsman so I was very involved, heh. I basically introduced Bilwa to his Wife, Vaidehi Devi Dasi. They are wonderful people who are truly blessed to have one another.

Nadia Devi Dasi and I at the wedding.

 Truly a spiritually focused wedding. Two Sannyassis attended, and their vows were all about serving Krishna (God) together in this life and the next. Beautiful ceremony.

Vaidehi Devi Dasi, the Bride !

I've known both the Groom and Bride for many years, and it's a joy to see them together!

The Altar

So, it was a great day.
I'll leave you with my friend's watermelon art, the mother of the Bride made this for the occasion. Neat huh ?

Disksavti Devi Das's Watermelon Creation for the Wedding

SO there you go.
Take care, and I look forward to sharing more with you soon !

Fall Comes ! Septembe's Acton! More !

Well Folks !
It's been quite a September, as I predicted, and man has it been action central.
Went to the outdoor festival in Navarro for food distribution, then went to my friend's wedding.... been quite a ride, lots of other stuff going on too, like my site updates and other things.....

First off, I'll share the festival's Prasadam Distribution in Navarro, California at the Bliss Festival , September 2014......

So here's some pics.

Prasadam (Offered Foodstuffs) Distribution At Bliss Camp

  My friend Bilwa Mangal Prabhu, from Santa Cruz, California, organized the event. They fed 500-1000 people a day for 4 days, free of charge. 
This is Prasadam Distribution. Prasadam is food offered to God and it blesses those who partake in it. It is mercy incarnate.
Here's another pic, of my friends singing Kirtan during the Feast:

Sriman Hari Ballabha Prabhu and Vaidehi Devi Dasi sing Kirtan during the feast.

The Kirtan (devotional music) was transcendental, and the environment was wonderully joyous. Children dancing and playing, everyone smiling. Some more kirtan followed....

Sriman Jagadananda Prabhu and Srman Krishnananda Prabhu after more Kirtan

So then the following week, I went down to Santa Cruz for my friends' wedding !

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Colonel Returns

Hey folks.
Loving the viewcount on this page, thanks for visiting !
So, from the statistics, it looks like a huge amount of you all are coming from my review on , so I should probably stay focused on cannabis news and device releases, as well as my spirituality for people who are coming to see Ajita's blog... (mine).  
What more can be said about cannabis ? For those of you that don't know, many people worldwide use cannabis to relieve various symptoms of dis-ease. including cancer, yes.
Now, before you click to another site, and throw everything I say away as garbage, do your own research. You will find an overwhelming amount of people reporting the beneficial effects of this herb, including accomplished doctors. The New York Times recently wrote an editorial about lifting the prohibition on cannabis, for medical and recreational use. More and more the world is seeing that tolerance and acceptance of cannabis means the entire planet good. I'm not saying airplane mechanics should be stoned on the job. However a worker shouldn't be punished for what he did on the weekend, just like alcohol. A man can drink at the end of the day and be fine the next day for work. It's the same with cannabis.
So working with my wordpress site has been keeping me from blogging here. There are SO many options, it's amazing. I truly recommend located on a private server. I'm learning more things every day.
I'm also learning PHP which should be good to know, it's similar to Basic 1.1 actually.
Saw some friends recently but I didn't stay long enough. Having physical issues sure sux.
So I'll leave you with this my friends, that wherever you go, there you are.
Take care.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Action !

Hi everyone !
Been working hard on my Main Site. Moved the whole thing to my own file server, which meant, it switched from to , and I couldn't be happier. SO many options, and , like Blogspot, accepts ALL html ! Loving it.
I've been extremely busy on the internet and in real-life. Exhausted really.
Also been working on my spiritual site, for the pleasure of my Spiritual Masters and their sincere Devotees, where I post as Ajita Krishna Das, the spiritual name given to me by Harinam Initiation from Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj, in the Rupanuga Line Of Bhakti Yoga, during the year of 1992. You can find the site by clicking here.
So a lot is happening. Tomorrow I'm going to the city so that on the 2nd I can observe Sri Sri Radhastami, the Appearance of Srimate Radharani, the eternal consort of Lord Krishna.
Should be nice, with music, dancing, and feasting, along with telling the history of Srimate Radharani's Appearance. Please read the link I inserted for Sri Radhastami. I'll be attending at the Soquel Ashram here in California. Click the link to find out more about Krishna Conscioussness.
So September's gonna be a very busy month, and it's been super busy already. Going to Soquel tomorrow, coming back and then the next day going camping at a gathering in the woods for 4 days, then come back, take care of 'stuff', then off to a 4-day music festival with camping. Then back for just under a week under I go to Santa Cruz for the wedding of a dear friend. After all that it'll be near the end of the month and I'll have to tie up loose ends I left by being away so much.
As a precursor to all this action, August as been extremely active and intense , mainly the past 2 weeks. If i'm not busy actively doing something, I'm trying to stay in contact with friends thru online chat and phone. It's not easy, and I also have to keep making entries to both this blog and my main site. So it's been really crazy.
Now it's time for my lesson in PHP language online, so, adieu for now !


Friday, August 22, 2014

aug22 generic entry

Hey folks....
Yes once again I've let a bit of a gap go by, I was out of town, although that's no excuse for someone with a laptop !
So i've finished the last touches on the spiritual site...
Also I've got a section which could come in handy at any time, a folder dedicated to survival techniques.
Also the new Vedabase Site has been re-structured.

So, in other news, the house voted to remove funding to the Dept. Of Justice for Cannabis busts. The story is here. We're anxiously awaiting for the Senate to approve it as well.

Also, a congressional vote against the Dept. Of Treasury blocking cannabis dispensaries from using banks. Story here.

So, going out of town to celebrate the Appearance of Sri Krishna was interesting to say the least. However, I won't get into that now. It's pretty intense.

Haven't been socializing much lately, so I don't know the mood of the mendonesians, but all looks well.

Take care of yourself, see you next post !


Monday, August 18, 2014

Auh 18-My Identity as Ajita Krishna Das

OK looks like I forgot to close off my last post...
Sorry about that ... I'm also apologizing for not adding to the blog more regularly, life has got me by the horns, up against the ropes in a way, and I'm dealing with it the best I can.

So, many of you are here and have come here because you added/are looking for Ajita Krishna Das.
Well I am that same Ajita Krishna Das, and I want to share some new with you.

It appears that and are offline, so I've found where a Devotee has re-created this invaluable resource online for all the Devotees and well-wishers. Check out The Site <-.

Also, launched on Sri Janmastami 2014, today, my new fileserver as a resource for the Devotees. See it here.

More about Janmastami and all of that later today in another post.
Be Well !


Saturday, August 9, 2014

So , OK.
The Internet and Card Services have returned to the area, they came back the day after the post about it, or day after.....
However, I wasn't able to report it as MY Internet had trouble... yes.... I streamed too much music online and blew my bandwidth cap. Still in the high range, I connected to update the blogs.
I added a page last night about my injuries. Did this for all the countless people I will meet, to describe my physical damage and how it happened, so that I don't have to keep typing it out :) ! Find it on the main menu.
So I have a question for you.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Mendocino Loses Internet / ATM/CREDIT services

Mendocino Loses Internet & Card Services

Yes folks, it happened this morning here in Mendocino, California.
A logging truck has crashed and caused damage to 400 feet of fiber-optic cable, thus cutting off the entire Mendocino Coast from Internet Traffic including 4G. Also affected are ATM/CREDIT machines in every store and bank on the entire coast.
The truck crashed on Comptche-Ukiah Road just outside the town of Mendocino.
As fiber-optic cannot be spliced, they have decided to replace the entire line. This could take up to 3 days.
Meanwhile, stranded tourists with no gas or cash are scratching their heads.
Is this a small preview of what will eventually happen  on a large scale ?
Many of us here in Mendocino County have seen many power outages sometimes lasting over a week, and we see the same phenomenon happening, no access to anything but cash. However losing power is measurably worse , as most stores are incapable of serving the public at that point.
For updates, check here.
I found out as I purposely went to town to use the cafe’s internet. Somehow I had a feeling to just stay home.
More later as this develops. Stay tuned!
(DJ Colonel Corn is able to be online due to the fact he uses a private satellite system)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

30jul - grateful

Hey Folks !
Appreciating all the followers and readers of the blog/site.
Going to add more pages soon, describing more things in and about my life.
If you're new to the site, welcome !
I see most of my traffic is coming from .

Welcome, all herb enthusiasts and patients !

I hope I can provide enough info, news, and stories for you.


Yesterday I got gas in Mendocino, California, USA.
Guess how much it was. Oh about $6.25 a gallon.
See the pic.

Quite amazing.
Normally it's about $4.19, 20 miles North in Fort Bragg, California.

So I've noticed no one is leaving comments.... feel free to comment with suggestions, or anything that comes to mind regarding my posts and site. Questions welcomed too.

Feelng so grateful for all the great things in my life.
I appreciate you all.

Take care !


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hey all.
Been a while, because I've been having some difficulties.
Hope you all are well, and that this blog meets you in good health and motivated spirit !

Had a great day mostly. This morning was very painful, however, by the evening I was OK and got into very interesting discussions with my friends in town, regarding the state of affairs of this world.
It went on to Hegel's theory, Quantum Physics, and String Theory... then a young man walked up, probably a teen or freshly not, and he was on the exact same page as us, joined in, and it was a wonderful conversation.

Had my 4th MRI yesterday. Following up on my x-ray results showing osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. Will post more when I know more.

Tonight, if I have time, I'm going to be making some extra pages on the menu, so stay tuned and come back soon !

Thanks to all my readers, followers, and fellow blogspot bloggers. I am grateful you are reading this.

So, I've got to get going one ONE of my many varied projects, so, hopefully I'll be able to add some more to the blog.

Peace and harmony to all.

End Marijuana Prohibition

Friday, July 18, 2014

Still here, heh !

Hi folks.....

Can't believe it's been a week already.
Mostly a good week , but, with challenges nonetheless.

At the moment I have an ex-friend attacking my main site with DDOS protocol, something that's illegal in the United States only, and this guy lives abroad.

What is does is basically make the site unavailable to anyone.
Very childish and immature, but , sadly, actually causes problems for us well-behaved adults.

So .. I've had to install Cloudflare on my Server , and will have to try to get it for the main site too.

I must say however, big ups to Google for making Blogspot really functional. HTML, BBL, and losts of stuff you just can't do with a wordpress site are all here.

Looks like there's a break in the attack, so I'm gonna edit a few things.

Peace all.

Friday, July 11, 2014

11July Part 2 !

Hey everyone.
So, as I said, I've changed my style on the blog here, to make this more readable on a phone.... the green and small letters seems to be too hard to read on a phone.
I've upload a few youtubes, and I've got 2 links for you that will take you to my 2 chatrooms on the IRC chat system (Rizon server).
If you are unfamiliar with IRC, look up some article about it, specifically Rizon.

So here's my camping video with us building the fire and talking, click here .... 
To see the video with us playing drums, here's part one, and, here's part two

To log into my IRC chatrooms, click here for my Rizon ART channel, featuring ASCII and ANSI art .
You can click here for my Rizon THC channel, regarding all things thc-related. 

Sorry my last post was so.... confusing ... I was in town in the cafe, and had to go.

So enjoy the links !

Stay tuned for more updates and links, and don't forget to check in with my main site.

Peace !

Quick note

Hey guys.
OK some formatting changes.
I've seen this site on an Android and it's hard to read.
The letters are small and the color is too dark (the green I usually use) ,so, this should be in white and easier to read for all the people out there on phones.
Uploaded some Youtubes recently.... and I'm providing 2 links for each of my chatrooms on the Rizon IRC system.
Reporting remote this morning, from the cafe in town.
I'll review it on my phone as well.
More updates later, including URLs.
Gotta go, I'm at the cafe.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Spirituality / Philosophy / Science

OK, guys.
I've noticed a lot of my Godbrothers have subscribed to my blog here....
Wanted to say "Hari Bol!" to all of them, and, to all of you who do NOT know my background, I will give a brief explanation.

First, for some background of our philosophy, I chose a Wikipedia article so everyone can feel it is not biased one way or the other. Afterwards what follows are some more links covering the science and spirituality of our Mission.

I received Harinam Initiation In June of 1992, from Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev- Goswami Maharaj, in the line of Sri Rupa ,into the system of Bhakti Yoga. I had been searching for a Spiritual Master (Guru) for many years before finding Him.

Since 1989 I've been studying Vedic literature, mainly Srimad Bhagavad Gita , and Srimad Bhagavatam. Also studying the life of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Confused ? 
Here's a link to give you some background.

As far as the science goes, yes, Darwin has been proven wrong after 150 years of nonsensical thinking. Read more here

And now, for our main site..... click here to see my Mission's main site.

Another short blog for today, I have a lot of editing to do on other pages this morning before I get to work today. 

Everyone, take care, and, enjoy those sites....

Remember my main site is still the best place to find out more about me....

Peace !

Sunday, July 6, 2014

New news and old ...

Hey folks !
Another long gap I'm afraid, in the blog, sorry 'bout that.
Real life has been pulling me hard lately.
Been having drama with doctors, hospitals, clerks, family. Whew. 
As I've said before, this Solstice really messed people up, and it's only NOW finally getting back to normal !

So hey. We survived another 4th of July. Good job.Went to town in the morning, saw all the people getting ready for the festivities and parade, then had to go so missed it all. It was a fairly nice day too ! Finally for only the 2nd time ever it was a nice cool day, so, I pretty much regretted not going. HOWEVER:

There is something my friends always remind me of which I believe also.
That if you're "paying attention" to your gut and Higher Intelligence, and/or The Tao, The Way, the Light, will avoid trouble in your life. So when things come up like this, when we miss an appointment or are late, we should remember this, and realize we are protected.

Getting even more followers and views to the Blog. Appreciate it folks. Hope I can be a source of inspiration and entertainment for you all.

Remember to check in with my main site, and check back often as changes are happening to it weekly if not daily.

Peace !

Stop Arresting Smokers

Monday, June 30, 2014

30jun-Long Gap..

Hey Guys !!

Well, sorry for not entering in this blog for a few days there, it's been a busy hectic week......

Got my car fixed, $720 for a rear wheel hub and bearing replacement....
Survived my Mom's birthday again this year.....
Also been working on my Main Site.
So the rain was very nice, lasted 2.5 days... wonderful barely got 1/8" but still nice, keeping things green here.
I'm gonna make a comment over at these people's wordpress site....cuz I meant to a while ago but only ended up reading it and then was carried away from the pc by some crucial matter... (happens all the time).
So I'm gonna leave a note there saying hey thanks for coming to our Village.

Let's see what else. The flowers are in, and Ohhhhh they smell fantastic and look great too!
Yay !
Thanks to everyone who's been leaving like's and following the blog.
Promise to make it much more fun, very soon !

Peace !!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rain !

Hello again folks !
Well, finally things are kinda looking up ?
Not really, I'm just either (a) coping better or (b) not dealing with it ......

So !

Rain !!!!!!!!! Yes, we got some rain today , was sooo awesome oh man.
We're in a drought here and it's gonna be rough but this small kiss of water just was so awesome. Smells great and everything's clean. Actually soaked in a little !

Laptop's been acting goofy. Feels like I should backup and reformat, but man what a pain cuz I never get everything copied like ... session in PuTtY , or, other stuff......

Lots of stuff to do this week, and the week is almost over !

Hospital tests, mainly. Other stuff too. Also tomorrow is Mom's birthday........( flowers? )

Sorry for another short blog tonight, will be more tomorrow I'm sure of it.

Peace !

My Main Site                                                                             This Site 

Monday, June 23, 2014

A hard week.

Hey all !

WOW, I see 40+ people have read this daily blog so far, and I'm quite impressed !
Motivates me to keep going.
Any comments are appreciated.


Wow, what a week.

Let me give you a sample.......... one 10 minute interlude in a day......

8 AM.
Upset from some recent news, went to the local store to get some 'analog' (real tobacco) cigarettes, American Spirit nonfilters.

You may not know this, but I've been down to 1-3 cigs a day, using my E-Cig instead. This is after 30 years of pack a day smoking.

Anyhow, I ring the bell for service and wait. And wait. So I ring it again. The woman, someone I barely recognize (been going to this store for 10 yrs), says , "WHAT."

I asked, 'A pack of brown american spirits, please"

She got them.

As she's ringing me up, as I was a bit nervous/upset, so I decided to open the pack and put 1 cigarette in my mouth.


To which I replied,


Then she barks, "YOU NEED TO SIGN FOR IT SIRRRR" as I had used a credit card.

I said , "I AM SIGNING IT" ,then commented "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SO RUDE"... to which she replied "WELL DON'T COME BACK"...
I was admittedly upset.

So she replied with, "I'M CALLING THE COPS"

So I said "GO AHEAD , HA" ... and went home.

All the store employees and the Owner love me there. I've been going for 10 years.
I can't wait to see her again, after she's been told to leave me alone, ha   ha ha.

This is just ONE INCIDENT of MANY.

This week has just been horrible.

So, more later folks ! Keepin' it short and sweet !
Stay Tuned !! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Evening time ..

Hey !
Well I hope this is going under 'daily report' section... not sure.

Learning about blogspot slowly. Been pretty busy in real life, and, also learning what Wordpress can do for me. Check it out.

So I got my car back, everything's ship-shape !
Soooo .. according to my stats report I got about 3 people reading this blog.. cool !
Shout out to y'all !

I'm going to structure this blog with different sections, like say, one for my vaping notes, one for this, one for that.

I visit my own site and can't figure out how to find this blog section, or how to choose which blog deparment to go to , to see the latest blogs. I'd like to make the 'Daily Report" section come up 1st as default.

So stay tuned for more changed and updates, folks.
OH and by the way, to get the latest feed on this post I guess people can go here. 


G'morning !

Hello again folks !

Well this morning finds me getting ready to get my car from the shop in a couple of hours.
I first took it to the shop Monday, and have had a rental car, a 2014 Nissan Altima, since Tuesday.
The guys at the shop rented it for me. They're real nice,and, one of the only Green Repair Shops in California. This means, they clean up their oil with special vacuum system, run the shop entirely on solar power, and lots of other stuff.
E&B Auto Repair, Fort Bragg, CA.

SO, I'm finding this blogspot site much more versatile and user-friendly with more options than my Wordpress site which I actually paid for ! Of course, right ?
So ideally I wanted some kind of site of mine on the URL but got wordpress instead. You can see what I mean at my Wordpress site .

I'm really liking the layout, format, and options of blogspot much better, but, I haven't really dove in deep into Wordpress' abilities fully yet.

That said, I'll stop here for now with a wish for you to also have a good morning.

-DJ Colonel Corn-

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sorry folks - it's been almost a month !

Hey guys.

Sorry to say, it's been a month since I've added to this blog........

Been thru tough times and rewarding times both.

A bit much to explain right now in the brief moments I have before my doctor appointment today with my Osteopath.

Just wanted to let y'all know I'm still alive and intend on more active blogging.

All the best !

-DJ Colonel Corn 18 june 2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Just a note

Well !

Space out on this blog for a bit..... heh..
So OKAY it's not gonna be daily I guess...

So anyhoo.....

Walked around town all day and stood up way too much yesterday, so , I'm hurtin ' this morning. 

Not much to say yet as the day has just begun.....

More later

-DJ C.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1st post

Hi Folks.

Learning my way around this Blogger Site , posted today's entry under 'Camping May 2014' ........ so look there for today's entry.

Heh sorry kidz

So anyway this blog will contain my daily entries of my daily events

Can't promise it'll be EVERY day but at least 2x a week it'll be updated.

Thanks for all the likes and visits to my blog !

Stay tuned !

-DJ Colonel Corn