Monday, September 29, 2014

More from September. Wedding etc.

So !
Here's basically the last post continued, the formatting got weird and I had to end it there.
So, as I said, in the last post, after the Prasadam Distribution, I went to Ben Lomond for my friends' wonderful wedding.
Here's some pics.

Sriman Bilwa Mangal Prabhu (left) and I after the wedding.

 Saw tons of friends, and was a Groomsman so I was very involved, heh. I basically introduced Bilwa to his Wife, Vaidehi Devi Dasi. They are wonderful people who are truly blessed to have one another.

Nadia Devi Dasi and I at the wedding.

 Truly a spiritually focused wedding. Two Sannyassis attended, and their vows were all about serving Krishna (God) together in this life and the next. Beautiful ceremony.

Vaidehi Devi Dasi, the Bride !

I've known both the Groom and Bride for many years, and it's a joy to see them together!

The Altar

So, it was a great day.
I'll leave you with my friend's watermelon art, the mother of the Bride made this for the occasion. Neat huh ?

Disksavti Devi Das's Watermelon Creation for the Wedding

SO there you go.
Take care, and I look forward to sharing more with you soon !

Fall Comes ! Septembe's Acton! More !

Well Folks !
It's been quite a September, as I predicted, and man has it been action central.
Went to the outdoor festival in Navarro for food distribution, then went to my friend's wedding.... been quite a ride, lots of other stuff going on too, like my site updates and other things.....

First off, I'll share the festival's Prasadam Distribution in Navarro, California at the Bliss Festival , September 2014......

So here's some pics.

Prasadam (Offered Foodstuffs) Distribution At Bliss Camp

  My friend Bilwa Mangal Prabhu, from Santa Cruz, California, organized the event. They fed 500-1000 people a day for 4 days, free of charge. 
This is Prasadam Distribution. Prasadam is food offered to God and it blesses those who partake in it. It is mercy incarnate.
Here's another pic, of my friends singing Kirtan during the Feast:

Sriman Hari Ballabha Prabhu and Vaidehi Devi Dasi sing Kirtan during the feast.

The Kirtan (devotional music) was transcendental, and the environment was wonderully joyous. Children dancing and playing, everyone smiling. Some more kirtan followed....

Sriman Jagadananda Prabhu and Srman Krishnananda Prabhu after more Kirtan

So then the following week, I went down to Santa Cruz for my friends' wedding !

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Colonel Returns

Hey folks.
Loving the viewcount on this page, thanks for visiting !
So, from the statistics, it looks like a huge amount of you all are coming from my review on , so I should probably stay focused on cannabis news and device releases, as well as my spirituality for people who are coming to see Ajita's blog... (mine).  
What more can be said about cannabis ? For those of you that don't know, many people worldwide use cannabis to relieve various symptoms of dis-ease. including cancer, yes.
Now, before you click to another site, and throw everything I say away as garbage, do your own research. You will find an overwhelming amount of people reporting the beneficial effects of this herb, including accomplished doctors. The New York Times recently wrote an editorial about lifting the prohibition on cannabis, for medical and recreational use. More and more the world is seeing that tolerance and acceptance of cannabis means the entire planet good. I'm not saying airplane mechanics should be stoned on the job. However a worker shouldn't be punished for what he did on the weekend, just like alcohol. A man can drink at the end of the day and be fine the next day for work. It's the same with cannabis.
So working with my wordpress site has been keeping me from blogging here. There are SO many options, it's amazing. I truly recommend located on a private server. I'm learning more things every day.
I'm also learning PHP which should be good to know, it's similar to Basic 1.1 actually.
Saw some friends recently but I didn't stay long enough. Having physical issues sure sux.
So I'll leave you with this my friends, that wherever you go, there you are.
Take care.