Monday, June 30, 2014

30jun-Long Gap..

Hey Guys !!

Well, sorry for not entering in this blog for a few days there, it's been a busy hectic week......

Got my car fixed, $720 for a rear wheel hub and bearing replacement....
Survived my Mom's birthday again this year.....
Also been working on my Main Site.
So the rain was very nice, lasted 2.5 days... wonderful barely got 1/8" but still nice, keeping things green here.
I'm gonna make a comment over at these people's wordpress site....cuz I meant to a while ago but only ended up reading it and then was carried away from the pc by some crucial matter... (happens all the time).
So I'm gonna leave a note there saying hey thanks for coming to our Village.

Let's see what else. The flowers are in, and Ohhhhh they smell fantastic and look great too!
Yay !
Thanks to everyone who's been leaving like's and following the blog.
Promise to make it much more fun, very soon !

Peace !!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rain !

Hello again folks !
Well, finally things are kinda looking up ?
Not really, I'm just either (a) coping better or (b) not dealing with it ......

So !

Rain !!!!!!!!! Yes, we got some rain today , was sooo awesome oh man.
We're in a drought here and it's gonna be rough but this small kiss of water just was so awesome. Smells great and everything's clean. Actually soaked in a little !

Laptop's been acting goofy. Feels like I should backup and reformat, but man what a pain cuz I never get everything copied like ... session in PuTtY , or, other stuff......

Lots of stuff to do this week, and the week is almost over !

Hospital tests, mainly. Other stuff too. Also tomorrow is Mom's birthday........( flowers? )

Sorry for another short blog tonight, will be more tomorrow I'm sure of it.

Peace !

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Monday, June 23, 2014

A hard week.

Hey all !

WOW, I see 40+ people have read this daily blog so far, and I'm quite impressed !
Motivates me to keep going.
Any comments are appreciated.


Wow, what a week.

Let me give you a sample.......... one 10 minute interlude in a day......

8 AM.
Upset from some recent news, went to the local store to get some 'analog' (real tobacco) cigarettes, American Spirit nonfilters.

You may not know this, but I've been down to 1-3 cigs a day, using my E-Cig instead. This is after 30 years of pack a day smoking.

Anyhow, I ring the bell for service and wait. And wait. So I ring it again. The woman, someone I barely recognize (been going to this store for 10 yrs), says , "WHAT."

I asked, 'A pack of brown american spirits, please"

She got them.

As she's ringing me up, as I was a bit nervous/upset, so I decided to open the pack and put 1 cigarette in my mouth.


To which I replied,


Then she barks, "YOU NEED TO SIGN FOR IT SIRRRR" as I had used a credit card.

I said , "I AM SIGNING IT" ,then commented "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SO RUDE"... to which she replied "WELL DON'T COME BACK"...
I was admittedly upset.

So she replied with, "I'M CALLING THE COPS"

So I said "GO AHEAD , HA" ... and went home.

All the store employees and the Owner love me there. I've been going for 10 years.
I can't wait to see her again, after she's been told to leave me alone, ha   ha ha.

This is just ONE INCIDENT of MANY.

This week has just been horrible.

So, more later folks ! Keepin' it short and sweet !
Stay Tuned !! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Evening time ..

Hey !
Well I hope this is going under 'daily report' section... not sure.

Learning about blogspot slowly. Been pretty busy in real life, and, also learning what Wordpress can do for me. Check it out.

So I got my car back, everything's ship-shape !
Soooo .. according to my stats report I got about 3 people reading this blog.. cool !
Shout out to y'all !

I'm going to structure this blog with different sections, like say, one for my vaping notes, one for this, one for that.

I visit my own site and can't figure out how to find this blog section, or how to choose which blog deparment to go to , to see the latest blogs. I'd like to make the 'Daily Report" section come up 1st as default.

So stay tuned for more changed and updates, folks.
OH and by the way, to get the latest feed on this post I guess people can go here. 


G'morning !

Hello again folks !

Well this morning finds me getting ready to get my car from the shop in a couple of hours.
I first took it to the shop Monday, and have had a rental car, a 2014 Nissan Altima, since Tuesday.
The guys at the shop rented it for me. They're real nice,and, one of the only Green Repair Shops in California. This means, they clean up their oil with special vacuum system, run the shop entirely on solar power, and lots of other stuff.
E&B Auto Repair, Fort Bragg, CA.

SO, I'm finding this blogspot site much more versatile and user-friendly with more options than my Wordpress site which I actually paid for ! Of course, right ?
So ideally I wanted some kind of site of mine on the URL but got wordpress instead. You can see what I mean at my Wordpress site .

I'm really liking the layout, format, and options of blogspot much better, but, I haven't really dove in deep into Wordpress' abilities fully yet.

That said, I'll stop here for now with a wish for you to also have a good morning.

-DJ Colonel Corn-

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sorry folks - it's been almost a month !

Hey guys.

Sorry to say, it's been a month since I've added to this blog........

Been thru tough times and rewarding times both.

A bit much to explain right now in the brief moments I have before my doctor appointment today with my Osteopath.

Just wanted to let y'all know I'm still alive and intend on more active blogging.

All the best !

-DJ Colonel Corn 18 june 2014