Sunday, August 31, 2014

Action !

Hi everyone !
Been working hard on my Main Site. Moved the whole thing to my own file server, which meant, it switched from to , and I couldn't be happier. SO many options, and , like Blogspot, accepts ALL html ! Loving it.
I've been extremely busy on the internet and in real-life. Exhausted really.
Also been working on my spiritual site, for the pleasure of my Spiritual Masters and their sincere Devotees, where I post as Ajita Krishna Das, the spiritual name given to me by Harinam Initiation from Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj, in the Rupanuga Line Of Bhakti Yoga, during the year of 1992. You can find the site by clicking here.
So a lot is happening. Tomorrow I'm going to the city so that on the 2nd I can observe Sri Sri Radhastami, the Appearance of Srimate Radharani, the eternal consort of Lord Krishna.
Should be nice, with music, dancing, and feasting, along with telling the history of Srimate Radharani's Appearance. Please read the link I inserted for Sri Radhastami. I'll be attending at the Soquel Ashram here in California. Click the link to find out more about Krishna Conscioussness.
So September's gonna be a very busy month, and it's been super busy already. Going to Soquel tomorrow, coming back and then the next day going camping at a gathering in the woods for 4 days, then come back, take care of 'stuff', then off to a 4-day music festival with camping. Then back for just under a week under I go to Santa Cruz for the wedding of a dear friend. After all that it'll be near the end of the month and I'll have to tie up loose ends I left by being away so much.
As a precursor to all this action, August as been extremely active and intense , mainly the past 2 weeks. If i'm not busy actively doing something, I'm trying to stay in contact with friends thru online chat and phone. It's not easy, and I also have to keep making entries to both this blog and my main site. So it's been really crazy.
Now it's time for my lesson in PHP language online, so, adieu for now !


Friday, August 22, 2014

aug22 generic entry

Hey folks....
Yes once again I've let a bit of a gap go by, I was out of town, although that's no excuse for someone with a laptop !
So i've finished the last touches on the spiritual site...
Also I've got a section which could come in handy at any time, a folder dedicated to survival techniques.
Also the new Vedabase Site has been re-structured.

So, in other news, the house voted to remove funding to the Dept. Of Justice for Cannabis busts. The story is here. We're anxiously awaiting for the Senate to approve it as well.

Also, a congressional vote against the Dept. Of Treasury blocking cannabis dispensaries from using banks. Story here.

So, going out of town to celebrate the Appearance of Sri Krishna was interesting to say the least. However, I won't get into that now. It's pretty intense.

Haven't been socializing much lately, so I don't know the mood of the mendonesians, but all looks well.

Take care of yourself, see you next post !


Monday, August 18, 2014

Auh 18-My Identity as Ajita Krishna Das

OK looks like I forgot to close off my last post...
Sorry about that ... I'm also apologizing for not adding to the blog more regularly, life has got me by the horns, up against the ropes in a way, and I'm dealing with it the best I can.

So, many of you are here and have come here because you added/are looking for Ajita Krishna Das.
Well I am that same Ajita Krishna Das, and I want to share some new with you.

It appears that and are offline, so I've found where a Devotee has re-created this invaluable resource online for all the Devotees and well-wishers. Check out The Site <-.

Also, launched on Sri Janmastami 2014, today, my new fileserver as a resource for the Devotees. See it here.

More about Janmastami and all of that later today in another post.
Be Well !


Saturday, August 9, 2014

So , OK.
The Internet and Card Services have returned to the area, they came back the day after the post about it, or day after.....
However, I wasn't able to report it as MY Internet had trouble... yes.... I streamed too much music online and blew my bandwidth cap. Still in the high range, I connected to update the blogs.
I added a page last night about my injuries. Did this for all the countless people I will meet, to describe my physical damage and how it happened, so that I don't have to keep typing it out :) ! Find it on the main menu.
So I have a question for you.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Mendocino Loses Internet / ATM/CREDIT services

Mendocino Loses Internet & Card Services

Yes folks, it happened this morning here in Mendocino, California.
A logging truck has crashed and caused damage to 400 feet of fiber-optic cable, thus cutting off the entire Mendocino Coast from Internet Traffic including 4G. Also affected are ATM/CREDIT machines in every store and bank on the entire coast.
The truck crashed on Comptche-Ukiah Road just outside the town of Mendocino.
As fiber-optic cannot be spliced, they have decided to replace the entire line. This could take up to 3 days.
Meanwhile, stranded tourists with no gas or cash are scratching their heads.
Is this a small preview of what will eventually happen  on a large scale ?
Many of us here in Mendocino County have seen many power outages sometimes lasting over a week, and we see the same phenomenon happening, no access to anything but cash. However losing power is measurably worse , as most stores are incapable of serving the public at that point.
For updates, check here.
I found out as I purposely went to town to use the cafe’s internet. Somehow I had a feeling to just stay home.
More later as this develops. Stay tuned!
(DJ Colonel Corn is able to be online due to the fact he uses a private satellite system)