Sunday, January 10, 2016

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Hey Folks

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So how have things been ?

Well pretty bad.

I've been on morphine therapy for the past 13 years for chronic pain resulting from a car accident. I have also used my medicinal herbs, legal for me to use.

Suddenly, a new 'pain management' person has come to town and taken over all pain relief medication prescibing, and not only is he cutting my morphine by 1/2, but he insists I don't use my legal herbal remedy.

I'm outraged.

I can't "find another doctor" because this entire area has capitulated to this person. Attempts for out of the area care were met with them either not taking my insurance or not taking new patients.

Urine tests are required every month and he will screen for my herbal remedy.

This is under THREAT of SEVERE ILLNESS and DISABILITY, because cutting my morphine use suddenly would send me into a horrible 'detox/withdrawl' situation where I would be incapacitated for quite a while.

I urge you to spread the word that the WAR IS NOT OVER. Plenty of people with upstanding permits are being forced off their herbal medications in order to get pain relief of any kind from a 'doctor'.

I've been using my herbal remedy for various problems I have had for the past 32 years, with morphine added in 2002. Quitting my herbal remedy means upset stomachs, loss of appetite, and pain. Not to mention anger control, I get so angry at the powers that be that i finally break down and take some.

If you support me, you'll share my story.

Thanks for reading.