Friday, November 21, 2014

Been a great month...

Hey everyone.
Yeah it's been a month since my last entry....
Sorry 'bout that...
Been up to all kinds of things, and, having fun.
Yes it's been a good 30 days for me.
Lately things are a bit exhausting and draining, and some negative outlook is definitely there. Not sure where it's coming from. HOWEVER, I have the past month of goodness to fuel me thru this time.

So I'm going to kind of echo a post on my main site here, talking about my new vape mod.

So as u may know, I'm an avid vaper these days and am almost combustion-free. Here's a pic of some of my devices:
My Vape Colleciton

With these I can (left to right) vape cannabis oil, cannabis flowers, and nicotine extract liquid.
The attachment on the left and right devices are interchangeable.
You can see in the next pic the VAMO Mod with a MacTank on top:
    The 26650 VAMO Mod / E-Huge with a MacTank by Macigs atty.
So let me show you more of this 26650 VAMO MOD / E-HUGE that I got recently.
I was looking for a vape that would last all day and night into the next morning, with continous vaping (within human reason)... began looking at 26650 Mods (26650 refers to the size of li-ion battery it takes.) and this one seemed to fit the bill.
You can read my in-depth review by clicking here.

What a great unit.
So, more later. Stay tuned !

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