Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Long Hiatus - But I'm here !

Hello everyone........
Well, i can't believe it, but it's been since November that I've contributed to the blog.
Once again it's time for May camping. If you have seen my other blog roll (click here), you'll know it's a great time.
Actually I see I didn't put a whole lot there.....

In devotional news, I met a wonderful devotee couple last night at the Wake of a friend. Very nice to meet them both. I gave them my number and hope they call me soon. I should've gotten THEIR number as well, so I could invited them to camping this coming weekend.

Click Here for a YouTube of the fire from last year and the music, and here's another YouTube with lots of conversations going. 

My apologies for taking so long to get back to this blog.

I'm primarily involved with my main site and my vaping site, so I've been pretty busy with those, forgetting to add to this one as well.

Stay tuned until next post !


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